Everyday, Lin Da Ma enthusiastically serves nutritional, fresh and tasty “Lei Cha” to vegetables lovers. At Lin Da Ma, Nutritious Can Be Tasty Too!


Rich in Nutrients…

“Lei Cha” (literally means Pounded Tea or Grounded Tea) is a dish comprising of rice topped with a variety of fresh vegetables and a bowl of aromatic soup made up of herbs and nuts.


The Lin Da Ma recipe

Lin Da Ma offers only what it formulates and creates. You are served sincerely with food from the Lin Da Ma recipe. Our chefs continue to research and create new recipes to be included in our menu. Do keep a look out for future dish launch!


Not Forgetting the Meat Lovers…

Patron who has a taste bud for meat are offered the option to add a piece of tofu with minced pork patty made specially by Lin Da Ma. As each tofu is hand-made with love, there is a daily limit to number of tofu that can be sold, so Grab one while stock lasts!